Listen Again

Here are the talks given by parishioners during August 2017 on “Why I am a Christian”

Sunday 6 August,  Robert Leach

Sunday 13 August,  Tony Geater

Sunday 20 August, Brenda Tyrrell

Sunday 27 August  (not recorded so here is word document)

27 August 2017, John Fleetwood




The sermon series running until mid-October is taking us back towards the beginning of the Bible as we look at events in the first half of the book of Exodus (following the Old Testament Lectionary readings).  Examining the relationship which God established with the Israelites we will see what God’s provision was for them (in a range of challenging circumstances) and how that provision continues for us today.

Sunday 3 September (not recorded so here is word document)

170903 Helen Hancock

Sunday 10 September, William Allberry

Sunday 17 September