Seven Whole Days

7 whole days_final-01

Seven Whole Days is St Matthew’s Vision.  We have a 7-day-a-week God who is generous and loving to all so we are seeking to be 7-day-a-week Christians who are equipped to serve Christ in our community.  This involves us developing our church building but also building ourselves up in faith.

‘Seven Whole Days, not one in seven, I will praise thee.’ (lines from a hymn by George Herbert)

Here was our first communication about Seven Whole Days and in particular an introduction to the building development project.

Our next initiative was ‘Action Weeks’.  Through these the aim was to include God in our everyday more and more.  For one week following the first Sunday of each month a task was set by a group from within the church to help us incorporate God into our lives 7-days-a week, Sunday to Saturday.  We were encouraged to pray in different ways, appreciate God in new ways and to be prepared to share our faith more.

We had a wonderful response to our Gift Day in September 2016 when just over £50,000 was raised to go towards the cost of installing heating in church.  This enabled us to have heating put in in February 2017.  Ensuring that the system works to its best is still a bit of a work in progress but we are now able to plan events throughout the year confident that we will be comfortable.

In Autumn 2017 we held our first AwayDay to think further about our Vision and in  October 2018 a very successful AwayWeekend attended by just short of 50 people.