Thy Kingdom Come

Within THiS Team we are joining in with churches all over the country and beyond to offer prayer for individuals and for our nation. If you would like to send a prayer request please email and we commit to praying for you at one of our prayer meetings which are as follows:

Tuesday 30th May @ St Paul’s Hook at 8pm
Wednesday 31st May @ St Matthew’s at 8pm
Thursday 1st June @ St George’s at 12 noon
Friday 2nd June @ St Paul’s Hook at 12 noon
Saturday 3rd June @ St Matthew’s at 12 noon
Sunday 4th June@ St George’s – a Service of Pentecost Prayer and Praise at 6.30pm

Why not come along and share one of these prayer events.  You’ll be very welcome and might enjoy the chance to step out of the busyness of your day into the stillness of one of our church buildings.

Team Service on Sunday 5th February

In order to celebrate THiS Team (the Tolworth Hook & Surbiton Team Ministry) we are having an all-age Team Service at St Paul’s Hook at 10am on Sunday 5th February.  There will be NO services at St Matthew’s on that day to ensure that the Team service is well supported.  If you would prefer you could attend a Communion Service at St Paul’s at 8.30am on the same day.

St Matthew’s Ceilidh


Ceilidh is a fun filled night of dancing, good music and great company!  Come to the cornerHOUSE (116 Douglas Road KT6 7SB) on Saturday 11 February from 6pm to see for yourself.

All proceeds to the Seven Whole Days Development Fund

Two new courses starting this month


This month our HomeGroups and a new group formed especially will be studying the Faith Pictures course prepared by the Church Army.  If you’re interested and free on a Monday morning or Wednesday or Thursday evening  get in touch with Helen (8390 3829).

We are also starting an Alpha Course on Monday 30th January at the cornerHOUSE in Douglas Road.  Again speak to Helen if you want to know more.

Action Week for January

7 whole days_final-01

This week starting from 1 January we are all encouraged to give thanks to God each day before one meal or drink. Saying a grace is a great way of bringing God into the present of our lives and acknowledging what he does for us.  In prayer we can remember the food itself, the people who produced it or made it, those with whom we are sharing it or those who will be going without in this country or across the globe.

Try it and see how it goes and then perhaps continue it for the rest of the year. . . .