Frequently asked questions:

Q: I’m curious about religion and I think I want to know more:

A; Here at St Matthew’s we want to help people who are questioning whether there is a God and exploring why they are here on earth. Why not try the following links?:   Alpha.   What we believe.  Who is Jesus?

Q: I would like to get married in St Matthew’s:

A: Please view the ‘Life Events’ \ ‘Getting Married’ page or click on this link:     Getting Married

Q: I am thinking about getting my baby baptised or christened – what should I do?

Please have a look at the ‘Life Events’ \ ‘Baptism’ page or click this link:  Baptism

Q: What does the term Open Evangelical mean?

A: Click here to find out: Open Evangelical Blog.

Q: What is the Tolworth Hook and Surbiton Team Ministry about?

A:  St Matthew’s is part of this Team Ministry along with the parishes of St George’s Tolworth and St Paul’s Hook.  We are part of what is called a combined Benefice (Church of England speak) which for some purposes means we are considered to be one entity.  However, in our day to day church lives, whilst we are always looking for ways to work better together we keep our separate identities too  We aim to co-operate on joint initiatives where that makes sense to  do so but recognise the nature and importance of our different settings, history and distinctive ministries. We support each other, especially at Clergy level, seeking to bring the good news of God’s love to our area.
For more information on the other Team churches please click on their names above