Reading your Banns of Marriage

045If you are getting married in a Church of England Church  by way of the Publication of Banns and you live in our parish you will need us to read your Banns.  This is largely an administrative exercise but without the certificate which is issued once the Banns have been published you will not be able to get married.  Banns have to be published within three months of your wedding day so it is important to get the timing right. Couples often like to come along to hear their Banns being read, at least once, and we’ll be delighted to welcome you.    We normally read Banns within our 11am service on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday’s of the month.  We enjoy the opportunity which this all provides to meet with you and to pray for you as a couple in church.

In the first instance you need to check that you do live in the parish – try The Parish link to establish that and then please email the Parish Office if you do. Alternatively look at the page ‘a church near you’   or call us at the Parish Office if you need advice.

There is a fee payable for the reading of your Banns fixed by the Church of England centrally.