For a number of young and older people there comes  a time in life when it feels right to take a new step of faith and commitment.  Some will express this in attending church or starting to do so more regularly, some may take on a new responsibility in the church whilst others may decide that they would like to be confirmed.  Confirmation is a service of initiation which is conducted by a Bishop and Confirmation services 003take place across the Southwark Diocese throughout the year.  During the service you will affirm the faith into which you were received by baptism and your intention to live as a disciple of Christ.  The Church will pray for you and ask God to give you the power of the Holy Spirit to live according to his will.   It is a solemn but joyful service bringing together local congregations. 

If you are not baptised already you can be baptised and confirmed in the same service.  

If you are would like to talk about getting confirmed then please speak to Helen to explore this further. You will need to undergo some form of preparation (which will depend upon your stage of life and faith).  This will allow you to explore your journey of faith in a supportive and enquiring context and many candidates for confirmation find this preparation enriching and thought-provoking.  

Last year we were pleased to welcome the Bishop of Southwark to confirm members of our Church .

Find out more about  Confirmation on the Church of England’s website.