At St Matthew’s we encourage members of our congregation to be generous givers both to the church and to other agencies.  As a church we tithe (give 10%) of the regular income which we receive to charities, seeking to maintain a balance between those charities which are expressly involved in the work of spreading God’s good news for all and also supporting local charities.

We list here the main local charities with which we have on-going relationships  Please click on the titles if you wish to navigate to their websites and find out more information.

African Vision Malawi
African Vision Malawi is the new name for the Landirani Trust.  In 2005, the Landirani Trust was born out of a visit to Malawi by Heather and two friends. In those early days the charity hoped to be able to provide some basic necessities such as clothing and blankets. It wasn’t long before they recognised the desperate need to put in clean water and build schools. These became two of the charities major activities in the following years, which in turn led to seeking to improve health with the building of a maternity unit in 2013.  We are now concentrating on building Sam’s Village.   With very little of the money which is given being spent on administrative costs in this country, the charity gives incredible value for the money which is contributed.

The word ‘Landirani’ means ‘please receive’ in the local language Chichewa and over time the charity has achieved significant awareness in Malawi and is recognised by major agencies such as UNICEF as well as the Government of Malawi. Therefore it will continue to be called the Landirani Trust in Malawi.

Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness – a vision of a radical community – aims to relieve the distress of homeless and potentially homeless people by the provision of service and resources”.

In working towards its mission, KCAH is a caring organisation, valuing and respecting the dignity, independence and individuality of homeless people and people in housing risk and is committed to working with them in an enabling and empowering manner.

The Joel Project
is working to build a community based on the monastic values of hospitality and compassion on the site at St Peter’s Church, Norbiton, offering a whole range of services for homeless and vulnerable people.

is a youth work charity which was conceived by a group of Christian young people who wanted to make a difference in the lives of their peers and respond to the needs they could see in the community.  

Street Pastors in Kingston is also run through Oxygen. 

Kingston Foodbank
As with other churches across the area, St Matthew’s welcomes donations of food which are then distributed through the local Foodbank.  All items should be placed in the boxes which are at the back of the church.

Fircroft Trust
works with adults living in the community with mental health problems and/or learning disabilities.

In addition we regularly support the work of national charities:

CPAS – Church Pastoral Aid Society

Church Urban Fund

The Children’s Society

Church Missionary Society (CMS)