St Matthew’s Primary School


We have a close and supportive relationship with our linked church school, St Matthew’s Primary School.  We are delighted to welcome the school for their end of term and festival services and for the church to be used for their Nativity plays and other educational visits.

Helen regularly takes Collective Worship at the school and enjoys her many visits there. Our church’s involvement also comes through its representatives on the school’s Governing Body and in the ways in which the whole church or individual members of the congregation can support the school and the children’s learning.  The school’s vision of being a place which provides an inclusive environment where all children learn and flourish in a setting shaped by Christian Values is one which the church endorses and help to further, where it can.  One feature of this is our ‘School Welcome Sunday’  which takes place in the early summer and to which all families with children starting Reception in the following September are invited.  It is a great way to introduce new families into our school/church community.  The church also donated a cross for the outside of the school, which was generously designed and crafted by a parent and member of the congregation, Toby Cowley.

From September 2019, where children (along with their families) are regular worshippers at St Matthew’s, St George’s and other churches in Surbiton, priority may be given in admissions to the school.  Please click here for the link to the school’s Admission Policy for 2019.