Wednesday 20th December

Georgia made sure Mary, Joseph and the donkey were made comfortable under the Christmas tree and Sophie got them ready for their onward journey.


Posada Hospitality

Encouraging the sharing of hospitality as the Posada travels around the Parish this year has really worked.  Here the Barritt and Turner families enjoy tea together, along, of course with Mary, Joseph and Bonkey.


Friday 15th December – part 2

After an exciting choir practice, Mary, Joseph and Bonkey the Donkey were ready to meet their new hosts.

We were all given a very warm welcome, especially by an excited Arthur.

We enjoyed Christmas treats and lovely company before leaving the Posada with Arthur and his family.


Arthur made sure that the Holy Family were given a cosy bed and felt very comfortable.








Friday 15th December – part 1

Mary and Joseph had Reuben for company all day today because he is off school recovering from a little operation. They played games, watched a movie, and practiced a little maths.

Before moving onto their new lodging, we all went to junior choir practice, where the Posada was warmly welcomed by the other children, and included right in the middle of the action!




Thursday 14th December

Mary, Joseph and Bonkey the Donkey journeyed to Chessington today.


After listening to the story ‘The Empty Stocking’ we tucked them up, snug and warm, under the Christmas tree for the night, well away from our curious dog, Rosie.